Company and Social Missions

We’re committed to investing in companies with business partners so that we can guide them in their plans to grow, consolidate and hire new people—all to ensure a company’s viability. Investments and partnerships are completed and managed by a code of ethics and rules of governance that prioritize integrity and respect. We operate in such a way as to win and maintain the confidence of our partners,suppliers, employees, and the community.

In order to have a positive impact on our community, we support charitable organizations that help improve the lives of sick children. To this end, we make donations and participate in various activities organized by foundations that help children. We actively encourage our team members to take part in our social mission.

Our values

Our values give meaning to our actions. They are our driving force and serve as a reference point for our strategic and operational decisions.

Respect is the foundation of our corporate mission. We work diligently toward establishing lasting relationships based on communication as well as on our employees’ and partners’ trust. Our decisions making process and the partnerships that we develop are built on honesty and fairness.

Our team and partners are passionate people with a strong desire to push their limits and face new challenges. We believe it is essential to promote personal and professional development at all levels.