We’re committed to investing in companies with business partners so that we can guide them in their plans to grow, consolidate and hire new people—all to ensure a company’s viability.

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Our Team

Aliston is made up of a team of professionals and skilled people who, through their synergy, are able to identify, analyze and create high yields investments—all while controlling risk.

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Aliston takes part in investment projects through direct or indirect holdings in any given business. We can also grant financing so that our partners can acquire companies or undertake specific projects.

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A Private Investment Company

Aliston is a private investment company with holdings in several businesses located mainly in Quebec.

Since its creation, Aliston has forged solid business relationships with many partners and achieved substantial returns on investments that have ensured its steady growth.

We’re committed to furthering our expansion and diversifying our investments by continuing to work with experienced partners in order to ensure the healthy growth of targeted businesses.